More Kimye Wedding Details! How Kim And Kanye Are Dividing The Planning Duties

Courtesy of YouTube

“Kanye really cares and he’s really passionate about it so that makes my job so much easier.” Marrying someone like West, who “knows what he wants” when it comes to his nuptials, as Kardashian put it, certainly makes wedding planning more of a collaborative effort. See more: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress! 11 Fantasy Sketches In that vein, she elaborated on what, exactly, her outspoken fiance is in charge of, and what details she’s handling. “We’re kind of taking different roles, like he’ll take care of the music; I’ll take care of the seating chart,” she explained. “Different stuff like that. So we’re making it really easy on each other.” We’re all for couples dividing the wedding-planning labor! And while it can be hard for some grooms-to-be to get excited about the process, tailoring their responsibilities to their interests is always a good idea.


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