Farrah Abraham Says Couples Therapy Co-stars Ghostface And Kelsey “are Not A Real Couple”

Farrah Abraham and Ghostface Killah

Poor Farrah can’t get through a group therapy session without people accusing her of being a liar or a porn star, and it looks like she’s finally retaliating. Her target? None other than Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah and his girlfriend, Kelsey Nykole. Ghostface and Kelsey have their fair share of trust issues, but as far as we know they’re actually dating. As in, their relationship is not a sham. Unfortunately, Farrah seems to think it is! “I think Kelsey & Ghostface are not a real couple, even ghostface thinks it’s not a real thing…..” she tweeted during Episode 4 of Couples Therapy, which airedlast night (January 23). “I’m confused, wish them the best.” Oh, Farrah. Considering that she allegedly manufactured a relationship with DJ Brian Dawe just so she could appear on the VH1 reality show (at least according to Brian Dawe himself!), she might not be in a position http://www.farrahabrahamsextapes.net/ to judge the “realness” of her costars’ relationship.


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