How Hollywood bowed to Hitler: Film studios showed Nazi Germany in positive light historian claims

In his book, The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler, Urwand said that Hollywood was happy to bow to Hitler’s demands. ‘Collaboration: it’s not my word or invention. I got it from materials from both sides. It’s the word that’s regularly used to describe their relationship,’ the 35-year-old told the Guardian. He added that the German head of MGM spoke of the ‘satisfying collaboration on both sides’ to the press. Movie critic: Historian Ben Urwand has researched the reach of Nazi influence on Hollywood before the war Protest: Goebbels ordered Germans to disrupt screenings of the film All Quiet on the Western Front, above MGM also invested in German rearmament to get around currency export restrictions, the historian said. Urwand believes that filmmakers not only wanted to continue working during the build up to the war, they also thought Hitler may win the war and wanted to safeguard the future of their businesses.
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Maldonado uses Hollywood killing to raise money

Then they snapped souvenir photos with their cellphones so they would have keepsakes from the big day. The Abbey opened early so people could gather to learn of the rulings live. Todd Barnes, its general manager, is a 49-year-old gay man who was married to a woman for six years and came out at 35. He said coming out to his wife was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done. “To know that as a gay man I can get married again I’m happy,” Barnes said. “When I find that person, maybe this time it will stick.
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West Hollywood celebrates high court’s rulings on gay marriage

Abel Maldonado holds a news conference to voice opposition to Gov. Jerry Brown’s corrections policy known as realignment. (Don Bartletti, Los Angeles Times / May 9, 2013) By Paige St. John June 28, 2013, 7:00 a.m.
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